You found it!!  The page where you will find all things show 2015!

This page is not public, and not for everybody, so keep it on the down low (DL)!
Right now … all we have is the show design and title.  The music will be posted on here soon!
Keep Checking Back often…as soon as we have the music it will be posted here!

Anyway … you probably already know the name of the show, its:


Think about a hard decision you have to make … you have a good choice and … we’ll call it a “not so good choice” that you have to battle out.  We’re going to make this happen on the field with some side to side conflict and visual design.

The music is rock solid and will be written just for the Carter Band!  This show hasn’t been performed before and we’re going to rock the state competition with it this year.  Keep checking back for more info as we get it!

See you soon!
Mr. M